Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote Reiki and its professional practice in the INDIA
  • To encourage the development of Reiki as a Physical, Mental and Spiritual practice
  • To advise on standards for professional Reiki practitioners
  • To set-up a single forum for associations with Reiki members in the India for further research and development.
  • To bring together and consult with the diverse strands of Reiki with lineages traceable back to Mikao USUI, who attune in person, face-to-face and who are in agreement with the definition of Reiki as agreed by the Reiki Council
  • To establish links with other Reiki organizations worldwide.
  • To protect the Reiki practitioner in India


  • Provides journals free every year
  • Membership certificate will provide after registration.
  • Valid RCI ID will be issue during registration
  • Provides a guideline for a quality Reiki research study.
  • Chance to participate in Reiki Clinical Research
  • Provides a list of articles on Reiki research and Reiki in hospitals.
  • Protection for Reiki practitioner to conduct safe and ethical application on human being

Joining Criteria for Old and New Organizations:

Membership of the Reiki Council is open to all organizations concerned with Reiki in India who meet the requirements for membership as determined by the Reiki Council of India. All organizations belonging to the Reiki Council work on parallel with its rules and regulations.

Who can join?

  1. Reiki practitioners
  2. Usui Reiki Healer, Teacher, Master and Prime Master
  3. Karuna Reiki practitioner

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Code of ethics should be fair
  2. Be prepared to abide by the Reiki Council disciplinary and complaints procedure.
  3. This is not a medical council, only Reiki Healing Council
  4. After getting council Regd. No. should not use suffix “Dr”
  5. Council can’t give any Reiki certificate to student, all institute can collaborate with RCI.
  6. RCI has right to produce council number to protect Reiki practitioner
  7. RCI application form should send to concern department along with Reiki certificate copy and 2 passport size color photo.
  8. Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki are eligible to get membership
  9. There are two types of registration, annual or lifetime
  10. Annual registration fees 1500/- to 3000/- and lifetime registration fees 7500/- (9 yrs).
  11. Any violation of rules means board has right to cancel the registration or fine up to 2000/-
  12. Every 5 years once new board will be elected

RCI New Registration Guidelines
From 27-Mar-2021

Level 1:
Volunteer Fees Rs 500 (One time).
Benefit: e-Certificate copy will be issued by mail

Level 2 & 3A:
Council Member Rs 2000/- (Annually)
– Registration Certificate
– ID Card
– Third Eye subscription
Renewal Fees 1000

Master (3B)
Council Membership : Rs 3000/- (Annually)
– Registration Certificate
– ID Card
– Third Eye subscription
Renewal Fees 1500

Life Membership:
Level-2, 3A & 3B
Fees Rs. 7500/-
Validity 9 years
Additional Benefit : Advertisement Name, Address & Contact details in Official Web Directory

Payment Details
A/C NO- 918020097308717

How to become member of RCI:

For Registration:

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