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Welcome to Reiki Council Of India

The Reiki Council of India is a national body made up of professional Reiki teachers and practitioners, congruent to a uniform thoughts, ideas and regulation. The community supports each other in their practices and teachings of the traditional Usui form of Reiki, across the country.Reiki Council of india is registered under the Govt of Telengana.

The RCI body is established in the India and extends the services abroad as part of the alliance with the worldwide Reiki family. It is a not-for-profit organization which supports Reiki practitioners and those exploring a life with Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art. We also facilitate connection and create a platform for people practicing Reiki so that they may share experiences, learn, support and find friendship with other likeminded Reikians.

The RCI facilitates and guides the members to align under a common umbrella so that it helps to share knowledge and opportunity for growth. Adapting to the classical and orthodox principals of Reiki, members deepen their mastery and connection with the Spiritual Lineage through symposiums conducted in India and also abroad by accessible communications, educational development and mutual support.

In case if this therapy is new to you and entering Reiki for the first time you will discover a new science as you explore and read the articles on this website. To become a member of RCI , kindly read the instructions in the JOIN RCI page and sign up. Being a member of RCI has many advantages and brings a valuable sense of being part of the wider Reiki community.